What Are the Best Italian White Wines?

Posted September 29, 2017

Italian White Wines

Wine and Italian food go hand-in-hand. As one of the world’s largest producers of wine, it’s no surprise that Italians love finding the perfect wine pairing for every meal. Not too long ago, we wrote about pairing Italian red wines. Now, we’re showing you the best Italian white wines to pair with your favorite Mici dishes!

Italian White Wine Grape Varieties

The most commonly-grown white wine grape variety in Italy, Trebbiano is the humble grape you’ve never heard of. Despite its popularity, this variety of grape is not well know because it lacks prestige and produces a simple flavor. As a result, Trebbiano typically tends to disappear within blends and is almost never mentioned on labels.

Grown in the central region of Marche, Verdicchio gets its name from the Italian “verde” or “green” because of its greenish hue. With notes of citrus and a clean flavor profile, this grape makes excellent aperitif wines.

Cortese grapes are known for their high levels of acidity, which enables them to remain fresh, even in high temperatures. Grown in Piedmont for centuries, cortese has been credited with introducing the world to Italian wine. While it is used in various wines, it is most known for its crisp, citrus flavor in various white blends.

As one of the oldest grape families, Muscat has over 200 grape varieties, including red and white, and have been grown in the Mediterranean region for more than 3,000 years. These grapes are known for their musky aroma and sweet honey flavor with fruit and floral notes.

Known as Pinot Grigio in Italy, Pino Gris grapes are harvested early to retain as much natural acidity as possible. Northeastern Italy is considered the world’s epicenter of Pinot Grigio grape production, which are known for a slightly acidic flavor with hints of lemon, green apple and blossoms.

Italy’s Prosecco grape, also known as glera, is a green-skinned variety that has been grown and used to make sparkling wine in the Veneto and Friuli regions for centuries. In 2009, it was declared that only wines produced under Italy’s official Prosecco appellation titles could be called Prosecco. Glera grapes are known for aromatic white peach profiles with an occasional soapy note, and their high acidity makes them perfect for sparkling wine production.

As the world’s most popular grape for producing white wine (and Champagne), Chardonnay grapes are primarily grown in France, but they are also cultivated in Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries around the world. There are many varieties of Chardonnay grapes with flavors ranging from citrus, green apple, pears and more.



The large variety of grapes used to produce white wines create a wide array of flavor combinations. These are the most popular Italian white wines:

  • Moscato–(Muscat) sweet, fruity flavors, including peach, orange blossom and nectarine
  • Orvieto–(Trebbiano) dry, clean and crisp profile, mild acidity
  • Pinot Grigio–(Pinot Gris) dry, light, crisp with citrus and floral tones
  • Verdicchio–(Verdicchio) dry, citrus flavors with almond notes
  • Frascati–(Trebbiano) savory, soft and full-bodied, hints of melon and tropical fruits
  • Prosecco–(Glera) intensely aromatic, crisp with yellow apple, pear and white peach flavors
  • Chardonnay–(Chardonnay) rich, full-bodied with buttery and vanilla flavors

Italian White Wine Pairings

At Mici, we offer a trio of delicious Italian white wines, all produced and imported from Italy–Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. The next time you’re at Mici, try these wine pairings with your favorite dish:

  • Prosecco–As a sparkling wine, Prosecco pairs well with variety of different foods, including fish, green veggies and both hard and soft cheeses. Try a glass with our Insalata Antipasta or a pasta with a cream sauce, such as our Tortellini alla Miceli or Pasta Alfredo.
  • Pinot Grigio–Pinot Grigio’s light, crisp flavor goes well with green and roasted veggies, fish and dishes made with cream- and oil-based sauces. Try it with our Creamy Pesto, Pasta Alfredo, or pair it with our Pizza di Mora (made with olive oil, mozzarella, asiago, chicken, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes).
  • Chardonnay–Chardonnay’s rich, buttery flavor pairs well with seafood, chicken and roasted veggies. It also compliments the flavors of cream- and oil-based sauces, as well as light, tomato sauces. Try it with our Pasta Rosa or pair it with your own homemade tomato sauce.

Try a bottle of our house wine for $13 when you add it to any 16″ pizza!  

house white
Principato Pinot Grigio | Trentino 6.50 glass | 27 bottle
Appealing fruit aromas mingle with delicate floral notes. Crisp, light and elegant with
alluring fruit flavors.

house red
Piccini Red Blend | Italy 6.50 glass | 27 bottle
40% Primitivo, 30% Montepulciano, 20% Nero d’Avola, 10% Merlot
Warm and full-bodied with notes of dark cherries and coffee in a delicate oak frame.