Posted April 1, 2020

At Mici, we are very grateful for our loyal customers who continue to support us during this time.  Giving back has always been one of the cornerstones of our business, but these unprecedented times have motivated us to get creative with our company’s resources to pay it forward.

Co-owner Marissa Miceli has been using her past experience with non-profit organizations to facilitate the distribution of free food to front-line medical workers from each of our six Mici locations. If you or someone you know would like to get on our schedule, please contact Marissa here.

Co-founder, Kim Miceli was an educator in her past life, so with school closures happening all across the country, she was thrilled to put on her teacher hat and gather some fun (pizza-related) resources. We know kids love pizza, so we hope you will enjoy our new pizza kits and the following educational activities that will hopefully make your homeschool experience a little easier.

Check out Marissa’s husband (and sons) and Kim’s brother, Jeff Miceli, in this How to Make a Pizza Kit video.



We hope you enjoy the following educational resources:


For an interactive and fun way to recycle your pizza kit box, have your children make their own pizza out of a paper plate and use colored paper, paint, crayons, markers or our printable pizza toppings to decorate! Then, they can practice making their own pizza deliveries at home.



Download Mici’s Make a Pizza activity that incorporates reading, number recognition, counting, shapes, colors (and eye-hand coordination and motor skills with lots of cutting).

Need someone else to read to your kids, while you take a 5 minute breather?  Check out these fun pizza-related read alouds from YouTube:

Want a hard copy of a pizza book instead?  In addition to this list, check out these great titles:

Support Local – Shop These Bookstores!

Capitol Hill Books 300 E. Colfax Ave Denver 303-837-0700

For more than 39 years, Capitol Hill Books has been a staple of the local bookseller scene in Denver. This lovely used bookstore features a huge variety of books on every subject, with a great children’s section with very affordable prices!  Owner, Holly is there every day from 10-2pm and ready to help you find a title over the phone or via email.

The Bookies 4315 E Mississippi Ave Denver 303-759-1117

Second Star to the Right 1545 S. Pearl Street Denver 303-733-3773



Here’s an easy counting and number recognition activity that you can make with a paper plate.

Enjoy this fun, visual and hands-on way to practice fractions.  Use paper plates or print and cut out our templates here.



Your children can learn how yeast makes pizza dough rise with this fun experiment.

Mici uses five simple ingredients to make fresh pizza dough every day.  See if your children can guess what they are: (flour, salt, sugar, water, yeast).

If you want to be adventurous, try this recipe for homemade pizza dough.



COOKING (Dessert Pizzas)

We hope that these resources are helpful and fun.

To order your pizza kit, which includes a 10” dough, sauce, cheese and pizza making instructions, click here.  They are available to order all day, every day for $5.99 (toppings extra) for curbside pick-up or touch-free delivery!  And, if you post a picture of your pizza to our Facebook page, you’ll get a FREE small gelato!

Our Mici family is wishing you and yours peace and good health during these trying times and always!