Real Italian Catering for
5 or 500

Check out our extensive catering menu and enjoy “Real Italian.”

Mici is short for our family name, Miceli. We’re locals now, but have roots deep in Italian soil. Where we come from, food is a big deal. In our homes and in our restaurants we believe in exceptional ingredients.  We avoid unhealthy hormone- and preservative-filled foods.  We don’t like nitrates or MSG.  We make our pizza dough fresh and cook it directly on a stone deck. We hand-roll our meatballs just like our great grandfather did. We simmer our sauces for hours to bring out the rich, complex flavors. Our recipes have been in our family for generations.  For us, meals are a celebration of good food, family and tradition.  Our dishes are named for the people and places that mean the most to us.  We cook with love.  It’s what we do for family!

Buon Appetito!

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