30 Italian Words and Phrases You Need to Know

July 20, 2017
The Italian language is the twentieth most spoken language in the world, with approximately 61 million speakers worldwide. Growing up eating traditional Italian dishes, our family learned to appreciate the beauty and history of one of the world’s most cherished languages. To spread our love for Italian food and culture, these[more]

7 Surprising Italian Superstitions You Need to Know

July 13, 2017
Superstitions come in all shapes and sizes. Almost every nation and religion across the globe has their own unique superstitions that dictate the way of life and help ward off bad luck, and Italy is no exception. In honor of Mici’s 13th anniversary, we’re diving into seven surprising Italian superstitions.[more]

How to Plan the Perfect Italian Picnic

July 6, 2017
With summertime comes warm weather, sunny skies and school-free kids, making it the perfect time for a picnic! In Italy, picnics are a treasured pastime that encourage the entire family to come together, eat great food and enjoy the outdoors. This summer, grab your family and friends and celebrate the season with[more]

9 Delicious Italian Cheeses You Need to Try

June 29, 2017
There are not many things in this life better than cheese. Whether it’s melted on top of pizza, sprinkled on top of pasta or baked into homemade lasagna, cheese has the power to make a good dish great. Luckily, Italy has provided us with a variety of delicious cheeses to[more]

Everything You Need to Know About Italy’s Pisa Luminara Celebration

June 22, 2017
Italian culture is rich in delicious food, wine and tradition. However, the country is also known for its dedication to religion and history. Nearly eighty-eight percent of Italians practice Catholicism and many of the country’s holidays celebrate Catholic tradition and saints. During the month of June, Italy celebrates the city[more]

How to Make Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce

June 8, 2017
There’s nothing much more authentically Italian than tomato sauce. When you think of this type of bold and aromatic sauce, chances are you image it on top of a decadent bowl of spaghetti (complete with a delicious meatball) and probably a glass of red wine on the side. In order to[more]

5 Things You Need to Know about Italy‰’s Festa della Repubblica

June 1, 2017
Italy is a country rich in food, wine and culture. Each year, on June 2, Italy celebrates a national holiday known as Festa della Republica to honor the country’s history, and most importantly, independence. Festa della Repubblica, more commonly known as La Festa, translates to Festival Republic or Republic Day,[more]

Everything You Need to Know About Italian Red Wine

May 25, 2017
Italy is known for a lot of great things, but delicious wine is arguably one of the most notable contributions Italy has made. (Because what is a bowl of pasta with a rich meat sauce without a full-bodied wine?) Specifically, Italian red wine is something we can all thank Italy for (we[more]

3åÊThings to Look for in a Family Restaurant

May 18, 2017
In Italian culture, dining and family go hand-in-hand. From cooking to clean-up, families spend the evening sitting around the table and enjoying dinner together. In today’s fast-paced society, it can be difficult to find the time for everyone to get together and sit still long enough to prepare and eat[more]

Learn to Cook Pici Pasta With Mici

May 11, 2017
Pici, a traditional Italian noodle originating in Tuscany, is a delicious and filling pasta that can be enjoyed with an array of sauces. Categorized as “pasta lunga” in the Encyclopedia of Pasta, pici pasta is typically made by hand and eaten fresh, not dried. The name pici comes from the word[more]